Aug 12, 2013

Cameron Mitchell - Sleep Beautiful

One night on twitter I tweeted out that I couldn't sleep and needed someone to come over and sing me to sleep.   One of my friends tweeted me a youtube video link called "Sleep Beautiful" and immediately followed it with a tweet saying he hoped it wasn't creepy because he hadn't listened to it yet!

Well, I went and listened to it.   It wasn't creepy, actually far from it.   It is an original song and it was performed by Cameron Mitchell.   The melody is pretty and almost haunting, his voice is sleepy and dreamy with a tender quality.   I had to find out more!

In researching the song and the artist I discovered another awesome fact- Cameron Mitchell is the SAME Cameron who was on the Glee Project!   Wow- so you probably have no idea, but Glee had a side series called the Glee Project- a reality type show where uber talented contestants fought the be the last one standing to win a role on the show.   Cameron was on the show, and while he didn't win, it didn't matter because people saw his skill and talent and recognized it.

So what started as a funny joke on twitter turned into a cool way to discover a great song!
Here are the links to Cameron's stuff and of course, the video for the aforementioned lullaby.

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