Jul 8, 2013

Vinita - Whatchuwant

Welp.   It's been that kind of day- first my building handyman saw me naked on my balcony and then I made a smartass tweet about Metta World Peace having a backup plan (rumor has it he's been amnestied by the Lakers although he himself has yet to confirm it and stop tweeting about Whole Foods lack of oranges).
What happened was Metta retweeted a link about an artist named Vinita who he has signed and is promoting on his twitter.  I cracked that at least he has a backup plan- and thought the response I received from Vinita herself was intended in a negative manner.  Then she complimented my blog in a subsequent tweet- so I look like the jerk.   Serves me right I guess, because not only did Vinita handle my piss poor attitude rather eloquently, she also managed to get both myself and a few of my followers to listen to her stuff.   Kudos.

Let me say this- her music is fun.   It's something you could expect to get remixed and played in a club- and I adore her backup dancers (let's face it, I could never move that quickly without somehow knocking myself out, respect!)  Curious to see if she can become mainstream, she sounds good live so there's that- all in all definitely another random music discovery all thanks to the magical world of twitter.

The single she is promoting now is called Whatchu Want

So check out her links below, and let her know that you heard about her here...

p.s. Metta - I said it on twitter and I'll say it again here- you should find out if the Lakers would sign Artest now that Metta's been amnestied

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