Jul 9, 2013

Justin Credible - #DwightCowardMix

Tonight was absolutely surreal in a plethora of ways- mostly because I found inspiration for so many upcoming posts in the randomest places. I almost never post more than once a week any more- but this left me so worked up I had to write it down and get it out there...

On Power 106 in Los Angeles, one of my favorite personalities is Justin Credible.   I don't know if it's the beard or that he looks like all the guys I grew up around (beard, glasses- ridiculous I know, but he just seems like a normal happy person who happens to have amazing music skills), but I crush hard on him every time he talks- until I saw a picture of him I had no idea what he looked like and would NOT have guessed he'd be such a normal looking guy- his voice is awesome!   Added bonus- every time I have seen him spin I have had an absolute blast, so there's that.   The last few months I have semi-stalked him on twitter, mostly because I enjoy his responses (yes, he responds to his fans) but also because it turns out I've been a fan of his for a long time without realizing it. (I have old mixes with LA Leakers on it, not knowing that's his stuff!)

ANYWAY, the point of all of this... tonight when he got on the radio for the Liftoff, he debuted the Dwight Coward Mix... and literally exploded twitter.   It started trending and it blew up!   For me, and I have said this so many times I'm bored of hearing myself say it, I don't actually hate Dwight Howard.   However, I do think he missed out on a phenomenal opportunity and a great city and it's beneath the Lakers franchise to kiss a players ass to stay, so good bye, get out, move on... NEXT.   I'm not bashing his skill, he does have talent, but he could have been part of the next generation of Laker stardom, because even if it was a rough year, it's the damn Lakers man, they will come back hard and strong and to be petty and all that is just short sighted.   But best of luck in Houston, it's hot as balls and it's definitely not the legacy LA would have given him.
So- check out the mix, because amazingly it is available on soundcloud (and I am listening to it AGAIN as I write) and tweet your thoughts using hashtag #DwightCowardMix

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