Jul 29, 2013

J Watts - Lookin (feat Chrishan)

This post is so long overdue that I feel I owe an apology to the artist.   As I mentioned in a previous post I met J Watts at a holiday party this past December.   He rolled up with a group of people but still stood out from the crowd even before he started performing- you'll see if you ever meet him, he just has this calm look and great energy that sort of draws you in so you start talking to him- and once he smiles- it's over!   

As life events changed, my intention of writing about him remained but different things got in the way so you can imagine how pleased I was to bump into him at a birthday party recently.   (Random but fun fact- the birthday boy and J Watts became friends through that very same holiday party so shout out to my boy Austin and glad I could help introduce you two!) 

It's about time I gave him some recognition - and the timing is great because J Watts has a new single coming out on August 6th!   It's called "Lookin" and it features Chrishan.   It's going to be on fire- and available on iTunes, Rhapsody and in select retails stores worldwide.   I found a link on Amazon so you can  listen to the sample - http://www.amazon.com/Lookin-feat-Chrishan-Explicit/dp/B00DS19LQM 

J Watts fascinated me from the first time I met him because he is such a quiet, respectful guy - and then suddenly he starts rapping and this entirely charismatic and engaging persona jumps out at you!   It makes sense then that he's involved in so many different avenues of entertainment- from Rapping and Producing to throwing some of the hottest events in LA, it definitely keeps him busy...

I always like to share stuff I discover on my own in addition to whatever the person I am writing about is currently working on... usually it's because I discovered them through some random clip or live performance and then I have to do research and learn all about them.   The video I really want to share is the one from the holiday party where I met J Watts, but I am unable to do that at this time, so instead I am going to drop his Versace freestyle on you...
And this other one which I keep replaying as I write this post called "M & B" 
Now go find him on social media and let him know you saw him here!

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