Jul 18, 2013

Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 6

Hopsin.  If you know who he is, you already get points from me.   I can't even take credit for discovering him on my own- a year ago an online friend of mine (who later turned out to be a catfish but that is another story for another time) shared Ill Mind of Hospin 5 (click to watch the video) with me and I fell hard and fast for this underground rapper who doesn't seem to care who he trashes as long as he stays true to what he is talking about.  I almost went to the Beverly Center shortly after finding out about Hopsin to meet him at a store opening, but I had work and missed the event, which totally bummed me out for a while by the way.   So as it turns out, I owe that catfish a lot- Hopsin has become a rapper I love and while I can't relate to everything he talks about, I can hear the meaning in his words, and I wouldn't have discovered him as easily on my own.

Fast forward to five months ago (ish) when I heard his song Funk Volume 2013 (click here to watch the video) ... and lost my mind.   I think I played it in my car every day on repeat for weeks, learning all the lyrics and hearing new meaning every time I listened.   I adore the beat, I admire the message, and I am awed by how obsessed I got with it. Hopsin collaborates with Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, Jarren Benton and DJ Hoppa and I love the video too by the way! (Links to all those guys are in the video window that will open if you click the link in this paragraph).

All this brings me full circle to the reason for this post- Hopsin had his birthday yesterday, July 17th and to celebrate he dropped a new song - Ill Mind of Hopsin 6.   He has no idea of course, but exactly 6 months ago to the day (January 17th) I lost a someone very important to me to a drug overdose.   In this new song Hopsin discusses how difficult it is for him to cope with a friend who is a drug addict, who he feels he has lost.  

Rap isn't something everyone relates to, more so if you don't take the time to listen to the lyrics because then you will never begin to understand it even as you nod your head along to the beat.   I listened to the words, I interpreted this song as it related to me and the pain I went through dealing with a similar situation.   The coincidences between the dates and the lyrics just hit very very close to home and I felt it necessary to write a midweek random blog post even though I generally stick to one per week.   Oddly enough I feel comforted listening to this song, in a small way it is therapeutic to know other people have struggled with the same issues and know the pain of dealing with losing a friend, literally or because the friendship fell apart or changed.   I miss my friend and I miss the people I have lost touch with who are still alive but have chosen not to be in my life for whatever reason.

Happy Birthday Hopsin. Still waiting on that hat or t-shirt, I can't remember what we decided on, and I'm not even sure my guy ever fixed your hard drive...I hope so, I think you promised tickets for life if he did! ;) Keep doing what you do.


Funk Volume

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