Jul 22, 2013

Brave Native - The Sayers Club

Remember when I said HERE and HERE that you needed to start paying attention to this band called Brave Native?   Well, if you haven't listened to me so far, maybe it's time you started because these guys finally got some very very deserved recognition and graced the Sayers Club stage with their awesomeness.   I feel like a proud mama, watching her babies grow.   Not really, the maternal thing escapes me, but still, I am supremely pleased that Brave Native performed to a PACKED house and finally got some recognition on a stage where I believe many musical legends are introduced to the masses. I could cite examples (like LP, Capital Cities, the NBHD) and you could look them up and see that I am right.   I fully expect these boys to blow up and become very well known very shortly.   So watch this special behind the scenes video of the performance, enjoy the music, and get acquainted with them, because they are definitely here to stay.   Congrats guys!


Side note- The Sayers Club just opened the front room and it is absolutely gorgeous.   When you get a chance stop by and say hello to the staff, tell them I sent you- and taste their food!   So happy for you guys, love the way things are growing :)

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