Jun 17, 2013

Don Benjamin

There's always a story.   Back in December at my old salon we had a holiday party and two guys performed.   One was J Watts (who I will write about another time- you have to check out his stuff!) the other was Don Benjamin.   I realize you may not know who he is (your loss, he's gorgeous) but in a few months you will because he is appearing on America's Next Top Model.   Talk about talent- he models, sings, smiles... and he is a total gentleman.   I procrastinated writing about him because of all of the craziness going on in my own life, but I know this is one of those things I'll be mad at myself for later if I don't do it, so finally, belatedly- introducing Don Benjamin.

One of his songs is called "Real" and I really like it- I play it in my car a lot when I'm driving at night.   It's smooth and I like listening to his voice.  Watch the video here, and then thank me later when he blows up all over the place and you were already ahead of the game.

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