May 21, 2013

The Rolling Stones live at Staples 5.20.13

I almost don't know where to start.

I got a text: Hey are you free tonight?

I mean, it's all relative right?   I could theoretically be free, even if in fact I actually have prior plans-depending on the situation and my priorities I guess.   Turns out, I was MOST DEFINITELY free.   I had just been invited to see the Rolling Stones perform their last California show on the 50 and Counting Tour, at the Staples Center.   And the show was scheduled to start in three hours.   Happy pre birthday surprise spontaneous celebration to me indeed.


I have this mental bucket list of bands and musicians I need to see perform live before they croak.   Maybe that's a morbid way of looking at it, but seriously, I do.   I keep screwing up too--- I missed Whitney, MJ, Gene Kelly, Elvis, Jeff Buckley.   I can mark Jeff Beck, Lou Reed, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Snoop Dog and Aretha Franklin off that list though.   I am sure there are others, but those are the big ones that come to mind.   So yes, I was absolutely available to run downtown and catch the show.   Let's face it, the Stones have been around a long time- we take it for granted.   As I write this, I am reading that Ray Manzarek, one of the co-founders of The Doors, passed away today- so yes, it is something to jump on.

I am utterly, completely and totally happy that I
did.   I had an absolute blast- and have compiled a bunch of short clips of all the songs I remembered to video into one giant "I LOVE THE STONES AND SAW EM LIVE" video for you.   You're welcome.

By the way- they are on FIRE with their social media management for this tour--- here is the link to their set list from tonight, complete with details and who played what... all that good stuff!
LA 2 Set List
I don't even really care if you like the Stones or not- the fact remains that they have literally been around forever- is there any other group that has as many hits that still tours so many years later?   I can't think of one.   Mick Jagger jumped around on that stage with more energy than some of the young artists do.   I danced for the entire duration of the show- and I was exhausted.   So kudos to him and the rest of the guys for kicking it like they did.   Also, by fan request and online magic, Mick Taylor joined the band for Sway...and a few other songs.   It was kinda awesomesauce.   Not only did I absolutely get what I wanted tonight, it was complete Satisfaction.   xoxo.

The Rolling Stones played their second night at the Los Angeles STAPLES Center tonight, and the final Californian show of the 50 & Counting tour.
For the first time this tour the band played ‘Faraway Eyes’, in honour of being close to Bakersfield, they also played ‘Sway’, voted for by fans at, ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ and ‘Midnight Rambler’, where they were joined by Mick Taylor. The University of  Southern California Thornton Chamber Singers accompanied the band for their encore performance of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.
Here are a few pictures...and the two links are pictures a friend sent me after the show...apparently I thought I got hooked up but had no idea what hooked up actually means.... it's ok- I know I danced better even if his photographic vantage point kicked my behind

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