May 13, 2013

Brave Native - My Dear Friend, Molly

Do you know what can absolutely make my day?   Watching talented people grow and change and become better version of themselves...which is sort of what happened for me with the boys from Brave Native.

I met the members of Brave Native a while back, when they performed at a friends birthday party and I really enjoyed the music.   The band is comprised of Guitar/Vocal - Dante Brunetto, Keys/Vocal - Chris Sung, Bass/Vocal - Max Waller, Drums - John Doherty.   They have a super fun sound, self described as Indie Pop but I detect a hint of rock in there as well, and their songs are varied- some are uptempo and get your heart racing while others are soothing and soulful.   

They just had a release party to celebrate their music video for the song My Dear Friend, Molly this past week and I had the opportunity to see them perform a few of their other songs again.   What an amazing improvement from a year ago!   They are so comfortable on stage, everything sounds very cohesive and fun and the new song is very catchy...(the video for the song is directed by Oliver Schimmel, who is super fun to talk to, rocks epic hair, and is obviously talented)

I also want to share their song "Running Wild" because I love it

Special thanks to Tony for introducing me to this one- definitely a good call and I know we will see a lot from all of you!

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