May 9, 2013

Blog updates--- PLEASE READ

My darlings... every once in a while I conform to society and actually update my website properly.   I am switching from my current system to a new subscriber service thingy that will help me reach you all in a more timely fashion (as long as you want to be reached, although I promise I am fantastic- it is literally your loss to not stay subscribed).   The point is...
Please subscribe again if you already have, or do it now if you for some reason did not feel the need prior.  
When I reach 1000 subscribers I will post a suggestive picture or something (dunno what yet, but I will figure it out).   Until then I will motivate you with a random picture of me that always makes me laugh.   Go ahead, you want to laugh too, it's ok.

Also- I am on twitter if you hadn't noticed, and I talk a lot.  
Join in the conversation.   Tweet me.  
I don't usually bite and I love meeting my readers...
I have a twitter account for the blog (@chanisays) that auto tweets when I post a new video on youtube or when a new blog post goes up, but you should also follow my personal twitter (@chanirubin) where I actually talk.

So what are we doing?
Subscribing (please and thank you)

and joining me on twitter:

p.s. Yes, the actual subscribe here link on my blog (top right ish corner) is current, you can use that and the twitter feed on the right is my ChaniSays account...good job noticing Einstein! xoxo

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