May 6, 2013

All Day Sucker - The Big Pretend

I almost have no words- but then I realize that would make this entire post completely pointless so luckily for us all, I was able to verbalize my surprise and delight for you.   If you have been reading my blog for the last six months or so, you are aware I go to Canter's Deli - the Kibitz Room every Tuesday for a night filled with music and friends.   Some of these friends make up the band All Day Sucker.   For whatever reason, it didn't occur to me to ask to hear THEIR original music until recently- although in hindsight that seems utterly obvious.   I listened to their second album- The Big Pretend - on my drive down to San Diego last weekend, and besides being blown away I immediately had to text members of the band to tell them how delightfully awesome I found the album. Morty Coyle, Jordan Summers, Jay Gore, Dan Rothchild... I watch these guys perform every week along with other amazing and talented musicians and it is such a pleasure to be part of this dysfunctional family.

What is amazing about this album is how the songs all retain the same trademark sound but some are more rock and roll, others more disco-ey and there are even some other random genres thrown in.   Throughout the variations though, they manage to let you know that it is still the same band.   I like that a lot.   I also love that this album is an homage to Los Angeles- whether you grew up here or did not (I did not sadly).   In the last video I post Morty calls this album "a love letter to Los Angeles" and I concur.

I am not going to go through the entire album, because you should really just go listen to it yourself- but three songs in particular stood out for me and I feel the need to discuss them extensively here.

First and foremost- my favorite song on the entire album is called "Riddles and Rain".
Riddles and Rain
It is as though Morty Coyle (who wrote the lyrics to the songs and is lead vocalist) met me years ago and wrote a song about me. Since I know this did not happen, it absolutely throws me that he was able to capture something that speaks so loudly to me without having met me.   It is a slow heartfelt song about a girl who is eating breakfast while it rains in West Hollywood- and somehow he literally placed her in the exact neighborhood I live in, mentioning my own landmarks and places I go to!

My second favorite song is called "Life in the Passing Lane"
Life In the Passing Lane
It is so totally rock and roll to me.   I love the sound, the vocals, the lyrics...just everything about it screams high energy music and it defines what I love about uptempo songs that get you hyped.

And finally- "Beverly Park".   This one cracks me up- because if you know anything about the area I live in (West Hollywood) you know that where the Beverly Center now sits used to be what I imagine was the stuff childhood dreams consist of- an amusement park.   And LUCKILY I was able to find a stripped down video version of the band performing the song... LISTEN TO THE LYRICS.   It is absolutely genius and I love it.

I say these songs are my favorites but really I enjoyed the entire album- it showed me a totally different perspective of the musicians I watch every Tuesday and gave me a greater sense of appreciation for what they are capable of and what they do on the fly.  

They have a few of the songs from this album up on YouTube- although they are older videos and frankly I think if you want to get a true feeling for the songs listen to the actual album- but here you go:
Santa Ana

The Picture (That Took Me)

The Man

I found a really long video from their stripped down appearance on Stripped Down Live where they perform "Land of Canyons" among other songs from their second album and's amazing to watch the entire video (around 45 minutes in they discuss the F.O.C.K.R.S.!) and play a lot of music from their first album which I haven't listened to yet - apparently I am discovering them all out of order, but it;s fascinating so I'm staying on this ride.

Also at 5:11 - Santa Ana
at 1:14:00 - Nobody Somewhere
By the way Jordan's awesome line "You got on the plane a 10, got off a 7" is absolutely genius and so true.

Get ready to hear a lot about these guys because not only am I going to go listen to their first album, but they are getting ready to release a third album (yay!) ANDDDDDD a very cool fact about their album cover will be revealed when they do- so stick around and pay attention.   Or don't- but you may literally kick yourself later.

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