Apr 27, 2013

The Absolute at Hotel Cafe 4.26.13

The music gods are smiling once again.   A friend of mine was talking to me about my blog and mentioned he was in a band.   This happens a lot.   As usual I said, if you ever play a show in Hollywood let me know, I will do my best to see you play.   And thus begins what I am fairly certain will be a long and awesomesauce relationship with the band I am about to blow your minds with.

But first, another band opened for The Absolute, and while they weren't who I went to see, I can happily say they were a pleasant bonus to the evening.   They are called The Chance.   I didn't get the opportunity to talk to the band, so they don't even know I am writing about them, but I did video their last song.   I found them refreshingly sweet, almost naive if you can use that word to describe a sound.   I videoed their last song- just watch...

That was a cool precursor to what I am about to show you.   The band I went to see is called The Absolute.   They are, in a word, phenomenal.   I did not expect what happened when they started playing- they had a fantastic energy, a great sound, and above all- wonderful music.   Philip, the lead singer, is a force to be reckoned with- his voice is inspiringly powerful.   Ryan plays bass, Michael and Ashton play guitar and Anthony is on the drums.   These boys definitely rock out.What I find fascinating is how charismatic they are on stage, live.   I came home and listened to some of the same songs they had just performed, and it sounds very different.   Live, it is electrical.   The produced tracks are much more laid back and calmer.   I prefer them live, hands down, no question.
"Hear the Band Play"

"I Had It Coming"

"Through the Motions" (new single!)

I was having technical difficulties (a.k.a. my memory was full) and couldn't record everything but what I did get is shockingly good.   They just got up there and rocked out.   You can listen to their music on their website (links at the bottom) and even get some downloads so definitely go check them out and let them know what you think.

They have a promo video that is much better visually than what I recorded:
the Absolute - Promo 2013 from Black Tie Studios on Vimeo.

Find them:
On Facebook - http://facebook.com/theabsolutemusic
On Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/theabsolute
On YouTube - http://youtube.com/theabsolutemusic

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