Apr 9, 2013

Smokey Robotic - Ghandi

Wow.   I am so proud of the boys of Smokey Robotic.   A few years ago I stumbled across their music and signed up for their updates and I am so glad I did!   I have been listening to their stuff for a while now, and finally I feel like other people are starting to notice how cool they are!   My proof is that their latest video "Ghandi" just debuted on MTV's The Hive... I'm like a proud mama, so stoked for the recognition they are getting and pumped that they are blowing up like they deserve to!

Check out Ghandi and go see them live!

Upcoming shows:
4.10 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda's
5.26 New York, NY – Bowery Electric
6.15 New York, NY – PIANOS

More information:


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Best surprise of all- getting the video in my inbox today with this little description:
Oh My Gandhi...

The Video:

The eclectic and irresistible pop, electronic and hip-hop conflagration that is Smokey Robotic has just debuted their video "Gandhi" from recently released album Musium. The group, composed of singer-songwriters Seer and Father Dude with production from !llmind and Konrad Oldmoney, has just wrapped a wildly successful west coast tour culminating in a headline show at Los Angeles' The Roxy Theatre, and now MTV Hive has premiered "Gandhi," which producer !llmind succinctly describes as "a trippy ass video for a trippy ass song." The stunning psychedelic visuals were directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh, for Pier Pictures, a studio that's previously directed videos for Diplo, El-P, Ice Cube, and others.

"Gandhi" is ultimately a dance track. Producer Konrad Oldmoney explains that, "originally, I made this beat out of a general discontent for the current state of bass driven music." The whip crack of snappy production opens the track in full to what Seer calls, "a celebration of the sexual and natural wildness of being human." The group felt that the comparison to Gandhi was, as Seer says, "cheeky, cocky, odd, and not quite historically accurate." Maybe sexualizing Gandhi is spot-on though, because Seer adds, "you get higher off of your heart than any substance." It's hard not to get high off this video with its masterful diversity of kaleidoscopic effects, which, as Seer says, "allows the song to breathe" and perhaps most critically, "hopefully inspires women to want to kiss our flying mouths." Truer words... you know how it goes.
(Courtesy of Audible Treats)

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