Apr 8, 2013

Ginger Watermelon Smoothie

Hi lovers!   I know, I have been away and not really doing what I love with regards to keeping this blog up to date- well, to be fair, I am still completely messed up from what happened with my boss and on top of that, I took a vacation to try to air out my mind and ended up sick the entire time and compounded that misery by flying home with a huge sinus infection.   Big mistake.   Huge.   Do not ever do that- even with Sudafed and medication.   My ears are still screwed up and I've been in bed pretty much since I got back because of it.   Finally feeling a little bit normal and decided to video one more smoothie vid for you all... it's in honor of one of my tweeps who has consistently complimented the series.   Also, this is a special smoothie- I created the entire thing on my own, no recipe no guideline, just stuff I wanted to mix together in my very new blender (because I accidentally murdered the last one- watch the video, I explain).

Anyway, ingredients are:
watermelon, vanilla almond milk, agave nectar, banana, ginger.


I challenge you to create your own smoothie and send me the videos!   I will post whatever I get (as long as it'a all PG, sorry, my family watches this stuff)
Besos xoxo.

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