Apr 16, 2013

FreshMays - Humble Beginnings

Once again the power of twitter is making things happen!  My favorite thing about social media is finding the underground or undiscovered stuff that no one else has seen yet.   I welcome submissions from artists- you never know what gems you will get in your inbox.   That's what happened here- I got a tweet from FreshMays and it included a link to his song "Humble Beginnings".
Listen to it:

I liked it.   He hails from Indianapolis and has a mixtape out called "A Starry Night in Indianapolis" that he just released recently.   I listened to all of his stuff and I like the vibe, definitely glad he hit me up.   Hope you enjoy it too...
Here are the links so you can explore his music and get a free download of his stuff:

I am also including the other two songs I liked:

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