Apr 10, 2013

Bad Rabbits

I love writing about groups before anyone else discovers them.   I missed my chance with Alex Clare (and apologies but I am going to quickly tell that story now).   Two summers ago my brother went backpacking across Europe and ended up jamming with Alex in London for a weekend.   He sent me a bunch of links and  I loved what I saw and heard.   I was all set to write about him and I even emailed Alex and asked if he would like to contribute anything... and for whatever reason I got sidetracked and totally spaced and never wrote the post.   Serves me right for procrastinating, because two years later he is huge and a household name.   Even if you don't know who he is (you do) you definitely know his song "Too Close".   My point is, I missed out.

That brings me back to Bad Rabbits.   Sure, now you are hearing about them- they just set out on a tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki.   What if I told you that I was listening to their stuff years ago?   How I discovered them is even more random than the Alex Clare story!   I used to obsessively play an interactive game on my iPhone (it stole four months of my life) and through the game I ended up meeting a lot of cool people that I stayed in touch with.   One of these friends lives in Boston and during an afternoon chatting with her on the app about music, she said I had to hear her friends- you guessed it- Bad Rabbits.   I listened to their song "Stick Up Kids" and also "Can't Back Down"

I thought they were cool then, had a great energy and were different, interesting.   I'm pretty sure what blew me away was their cover of Michael Jackson - Human Nature

I should have written about them back when I first was introduced to them- and once again, it is totally my own fault.   I am really glad they are making it big now and fully expect to see them when they hit LA, because I know they will continue to do great things and soon everyone will know about them.   All of their links are below- if you have the chance, go see them!
Dua Boakye - Vocals
Sheel Davé - Drums
Salim Akram - Guitar
Graham Masser - Bass
Santi Araujo - Guitar

Listen to their new single "Doin' It"

You Tube

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