Feb 24, 2013

Smoothie Day 6

Ugh I am totally bored with this project.   Not the smoothies themselves- that part is great, but the idea that I am recording myself once a day and blogging about my talentless culinary endeavors.   If I am boring myself, I have absolute certainty that you must be bored too.   So, in the interest of not alienating all of you forever, I am going to stop blogging these daily- make no mistake, 30 Days of Smoothie is continuing on, but I am not going to keep throwing it in your faces.

For my last video I made a Lemon smoothie- using Greek yogurt, a banana, honey, lemon juice and vanilla soy milk.   I added peaches after I tasted it because it literally just tasted like lemon milk.   The peach made it very yummy.

My favorite smoothie was day 4 (Ginger Strawberry Smoothie) and I am absolutely going to repeat that one a lot.   Like, probably too much.   I am sure I can use other fruits too, and keep it fresh and interesting.   The green smoothies were a tiny bit too healthy for my taste.   I mean, I will still try a lot of them, but I definitely prefer my smoothies smooth and sweet- not green and well, green.

This was fun!   Sorry to end it early here, but I promise I will find something new to work on...

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