Feb 23, 2013

Smoothie Day 5

Blah.   Today was a wash.   I was excited to try a smoothie with avocado in it and to be totally upfront- it was boring.   Avocado is more exciting sliced on a plate with lemon juice.   It wasn't bad or anything, just very bland and ho hum.

This one consisted of avocado, apple, banana, celery, spinach and a glass of water.   I think it needed a kick (and I was scared to try ginger since it wasn't written on the recipe).

It was a fairly uneventful blend, although when I went to grab my avocado I dropped it on the kitchen floor and it squished a bit.   If that means it was a bad avocado, well hopefully it wasn't.   I also think going forward I will only freeze bananas after I have peeled them because I don't like the process of washing them to remove the peel.  I am entirely unclear what purpose the celery served in this one... it seems like it was just a filler.

Anyway, I think I will try to find recipes which will utilize the limes and lemons I bought.   I like citrus so I really want to find smoothies that I can make using those fruits.

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