Feb 22, 2013

Smoothie Day 4

In the interest of giving my newly healthy insides a little bit of a break, I decided to use a ginger smoothie recipe today.   Everything I have read about ginger online (and heard from my yoga teacher mother who loves the stuff almost more than she loves her kids) hypes the healing goodness of ginger and the ways it helps people with immunity, digestion and energy.   Personally, I just like the taste...in small doses.

So, today I used ginger, six strawberries, a banana, a teaspoon of honey and a glass of almond milk.  Oh, and some ice cubes.   The recipe called for an inch of ginger.   Frankly that seems like the least scientific way of calculating quantities with regard to food I could possibly think of- my own "some of this" and "a little of that" is at least more descriptive!   I drank the entire thing and don't feel full, but I do feel satisfied.   The green based smoothies I had made up to now filled me up almost too much.   This was much lighter and fresher and tasted super crisp and clean- big fan!

I also want to elaborate on the banana thing- I have a lot of fruits and produce in my kitchen while I try to experiment.   I cut and bagged a lot of it and froze it so it won't go bad... and apparently when you just toss a bunch of bananas in the freezer they turn brown.   Which looks gross- but it tastes fine.   HOWEVER I totally did not think ahead- like, how to get a frozen banana out of its equally frozen skin?   I have no idea if this is common knowledge, but I ran the banana under lukewarm tap water and the skin slid off.   I also accidentally broke the banana in half, next time I will try the same method on the whole banana and see if it works as well.   I feel like a genius for figuring that out on my own though.


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