Feb 21, 2013

Smoothie Day 3

I can happily say Day 3 of my 30 Days of Smoothie went very well.   As far as taste goes, it was absolutely the best tasting mix so far.   I knew it would be though- all of the fruits were really sweet.   I would like to try more adventurous mixes using the ginger and lemons, limes... even though I am a bit chicken but I think it will be surprisingly good if I can just manage not to wreck my stomach on too much ginger.   I may also eventually attempt actual herbs like parsley, sage, ummmm if I say rosemary and thyme stop laughing, I'm not quoting the song (well, yeah I am).   Mint, basil... and I am fairly certain one of the aforementioned herbs is lethal somehow but I have no idea which one and why if it is lethal people use it to make edible stuff for human consumption.   I also really do not care enough yet to find out.

So today's smoothie was spinach based with banana, strawberries, mango, honey, cocoa powder and almond milk.   I sort of get the point...start with spinach and add a few sweet fruits.   Easy as pie (sigh, why do I always think of baked goods when I start talking about the kitchen).   I almost included the peanut butter, same as yesterday, but decided that peanut butter mango might be a tad bit gross for an early morning me.  Also, I know yesterday I wrote I wasn't going to edit my videos...I'm not, but I am going to record shorter videos and string them together to shorten the total time....

Researching recipes on the web I am still not sure which green is better- kale or spinach- although I think it is more of a taste thing.   From the first try, it appears kale is not as sweet or smooth as spinach, however I maintain that I am still unsure if what I bought actually was kale, so jury is still out on that one.

Ooh- I also (on the advice of a friend who looked at my fridge and started laughing incredulously) cut up all of the strawberries, pears, and peaches and put them in the freezer with the bananas.   Apparently I bought way too much and it will start going bad.  (Side note- did you know eggs go bad?   I had mine from February until September and when my friend saw the expiration date those eggs were promptly evicted from my fridge... I had no idea, aren't they Darwin approved ever fresh or something?)   I was not sure what to do with the mango and avocado so they currently occupy the spot on top of my microwave, but I did leave the lemons, limes, apples, celery, kale and spinach intact, in the fridge.   Furthermore, now I am even using knives to prepare foods for the next day AND utilizing Ziploc storage methods.   If I wasn't almost thirty this would definitely be a bigger accomplishment.   Right now I think my mom is really the only one who actually understands how monumental this sudden interest in using my kitchen is for me, instead of ignoring it like you would an umbrella stand on a sunny day.

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