Feb 19, 2013

Smoothie Day 1

I jumped the gun a bit and published the video already yesterday and then decided I really needed to document my journey on my blog... so without further delay I present:
30 Days of Smoothies.

Realistically I will end up repeating so there won't actually be thirty different smoothies but I will try to mix it up a bit and I will try to actually drink one every day for the next thirty days.

Here's some background on me.   I hate kitchens.   I love food.   The two have been in a constant juxtaposition for decades now.   I am that girl who forgets pop tarts are wrapped in metallic foil and accidentally explodes her microwave.   You know that person who claims they burn water?    That's me too.   More than once I have returned from an evening out to find my apartment uncomfortably warm and the pot on the stove bright red and all of the water evaporated.    There's been an unofficial ban on me using the stove/oven (yes, I banned myself).   I gingerly use the toaster oven but limit it to toast, which I consistently burn anyway.   The microwave has been my best friend except where alloys come into play. (You can microwave M&M's- 15 seconds and they are epic!)

So... since I recently lost my job and have not that much to do with myself I started doing yoga in the mornings a few times a week.  Once I started that, I thought I should probably try to at least eat healthier- problem is I dislike water with a passion.   That was a starting point- hydrate properly.   I can't help it, I've long maintained that water tastes thirsty (that taste you get when you are thirsty- that is what water tastes like to me).   Blech.   So I settled on juicing- until I started researching juicers and realized I have a blender already and can probably start there instead.   Also, when I mentioned juicing to people they looked at me a little oddly and asked why I was trying to lose weight- I'm not- I just figure I have the time now and at some point I should learn how to feed myself beyond frozen dinners and yogurt/granola and tea.

So... here is my 30 Days of Smoothie.   I looked up a bunch of recipes, I am aiming for green ones- kale and spinach based, and I welcome input and ingredient ideas.   Be gentle, I am a produce moron and was completely overwhelmed in both the kale department and the cocoa powder aisle (I have since been convinced that hot chocolate is not in fact an appropriate substitute, my bad- it seemed to make sense to me at the time).

Enjoy- and if you'd like more info hit me up- I'd love it if you joined me in this randomness I am embarking on!

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