Jan 9, 2013

PLNDR and Greg Selkoe made my year

Shortly before Christmas I randomly tweeted something in response to Greg Selkoe (about a gorgeous rose gold watch that ironically enough I didn't end up buying) and as a result I won a phenomenal gift certificate to blow on loot from PLNDR. If you aren't familiar with them, PLNDR is a cool, hip, current website with great deals on trendy fashion. I actually sweated over placing my order, trying to figure out what to buy and getting anxious when I'd see items I wanted selling out before I could make up my mind. Anyway... I finally placed the order and today it got delivered yayyyyy! I raced home from work and my heart sank when I saw the ups notice on my door- but I remembered seeing the truck on the street so I ran outside and thank the fashion gods, I was able to get my giant box from the driver. It's been a long time since I made a self video, and yeah I kinda rushed it (no edits, used iPhone camera blah blah whatever) but here ya go... I present: Chani's Belated Christmas a la PLNDR. I will sleep happily tonight knowing I won't possibly be able to pick an outfit tomorrow. But whatever I end up wearing, you know it will look good. Besos lovers. Thank you Greg!


  1. 1. ur talking like a valley girl
    2.shira wants combat boots now

  2. 1. welcome
    2. I would have gotten her a pair! It was so weird to blow $500 on myself without feeling guilty

  3. Very sick shoes !!!!