Jan 21, 2013

In Loving Memory - Danny M

As most of you know, my Boss, friend, work husband and big brother passed away.   The devastating events have left the staff, clients, friends and family reeling.   Not only was Danny the sweetest, kindest, most loving person you could ever hope to meet- he added a sparkle to any situation, made everyone feel loved and welcome and most of all, he genuinely cared for everyone in his life.

I wasn't going to write this post.   I wasn't going to write anything at all, just let everyone else do the talking as word got out and people reacted.  Then I saw the video from the annual holiday party and reality finally started to set it.   I will miss Danny so much- he had no idea how much I cared  about him and his baby- the salon.   I never got the chance to sit down and explain why I would rather work there and come in seven days a week than take some other job in an industry I had actual experience in.   I am so grateful he took a chance and let me join his team!   Simply said- the Lab became my home and I was happiest spending every moment there.   To all of the people I have met - thank you.   I know you all cared and loved him and he would spend hours telling me stories about all of you and what his plans were for the future.   We had a lot of big things planned for this year and it breaks my heart that none if it will ever happen now.   My second family has been shattered and I miss it already, beyond words.

As I sit here trying to formulate the thoughts I want to share, all of these tiny moments are flashing through my head.   I was not there for years like many of you- but the short time I spent at the salon made such a huge impact across every facet of my life.   I catch myself looking at pedestrians and thinking "Wow, they need a haircut, I should talk to them and bring them in, we can fix that".   When I see products I compare them to what we sold and think about ways to market differently.   The song in the video came on yesterday, before I saw the video and I started to cry- the lyrics hit it home.   My favorite time of the day was the first thirty minutes before anyone else got there and I could turn up the music as loud as I wanted to and dance away while prepping everything for the day to come.   A few times Danny rolled up as I was bopping away and he'd stand there laughing and waiting for me to notice.   He finally learned my name was not Chloe.   So many tiny moments, such a giant effect on me.

We lost him too soon.   I miss you Danny, every day.

In lieu of flowers, please see the salon website for details about sending a donation.

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  1. That was beautiful sweetie. Just when I thought I didn't have any more tears you went and turned on the faucet. But in a good way it's ok, this made me smile mostly. Thank you for writing what you didn't think you could.
    Love you girl I'm glad you got to know the Danny I knew and loved, always will.