Jan 29, 2013

Davis Fetter - Born

He's back with a great new video and dare I add a slightly edgier subject matter....

I have gushed about Davis Fetter before (no seriously, I have- search his name in the search bar at the top of this page and see how many times I have posted about him) but every time I do it is because he rocks it.   My pet peeve with music (besides most things country, although Nashville is slowly winning me over) is that while an artist can sound utterly fantastic on an album- reality check hits ya when you hear them live.   There's nothing wrong with studio magic in my book.   It's an art form, like any other.   But when an artist can move you both on an album and in a live show.... that's just the perfect storm.   

And so it is with this artist- Davis just blows me away every time I watch him get up in front of a microphone.   If you haven't taken the time to listen to his stuff yet, you suck.   Go do it.   I'll wait here...
I really won't, but I will post a new video of his latest single "Born" and highly suggest you peruse my archives and start catching up on why I love him so much.

Fine... here are the links.   Lazy bums.
Davis Fetter - I See Love
Davis Fetter - Live at the Viper Room
Davis Fetter - KROQ Interview

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