Dec 12, 2012

T-Double - Puzzling

One of the cool things about going to random places in Hollywood is the random people you meet when out and about.   Last night I went to see my new favorite musical obsession (Check my next post because I swear to god I will be there every Tuesday night and it's epic - I will link it here when I write it).   Anyway, I'm waiting for my friend to join me and this guy walks up to me and starts talking to me.   I saw a stack of cd's in his hand and asked him if he did music.   I believe his exact response was "Baby I AM music".   Or something similar.   Anyway, after we talked I copped a copy of his stuff and promised I would listen and write about it should I deem it worthy.

I guess since I am writing I am giving it my stamp of approval.

Introducing T-Double.
Yes, the guy on the left.

The first few songs were ok, I listened and tried to take in the vibe of the music, the lyrics and what T-Double was trying to tell me.   I wasn't entirely sure but by Track 4 (Y'all Aint Ready) I figured I'd end up liking it somehow, because it had a good energy.

I started getting sucked in around Track 5 (Real Shit) because suddenly I was listening to this guy spit verses like Busta Rhymes.   That's really all that impressed me in that song, because the female vocalists aggravated the heck out of me, but I was absolutely intrigued by his Busta-ness.  A lot of artists think they can throw down like Busta, but this guy actually really sorta can.... props for that.

Another track I really liked was track 7 (This Is All I Know) however once again- T-Double himself is great, the extras in the song are detracting from his skill...nothing a great producer can't fix.   My apologies to the people who I am certain put in time and effort on the track, this is just my observation.

Credit to the producer on Track 9 (Going Down on You) because the intro is totally epic.   I loved the first 55 seconds of the song a lot... the female vocalist was decent but took away from the song for me.   In Track 11 (Bad Day) the beat is absolutely killer and I love how the whole thing was mixed, plus great lyrics... even the female who drops a verse doesn't completely annoy me in this one.   I am not sure if it is my favorite, but it's a close second if anything.

Track 12 (Let You Go) has a fun rhythm and if you actually pay attention to the words it's kind of funny too. I like the energy of it, it kept me nodding my head.

I promised a fair and accurate review- so here it is.   The guy is super talented.  His stuff is raw (hey, some of the best underground stuff is!) but I think with the right team of producers and talent around him his music would actually become mainstream.  Vocally I like his tone and as I said, lyrically he can keep you on your toes.   If you have a chance to listen and judge for yourself you definitely should.

I could keep talking- or I can direct you to his links and you can judge for yourself...

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