Dec 17, 2012

Promise (music)

A friend of mine asked me to listen to this guy and said I really needed to hear his stuff.   I get told that line a lot especially when people find out I do this music review blogging thing as a hobby, so I don't usually get excited about a new artist until I get a chance to actually sit down and listen to the music, get a feel for it.   When I started listening to Promise's first song... it was over.  This guy is really talented.   And kinda hot.   And can sing.
And... well- here (also hear btw).

I listened to his song "Nothing Like Me" and that was it.
I officially love this guy.

Darlings, you know me... I'm all about the crooner soulful pretty boy who can melt hearts and make breathing hard to do.   This one is the real thing.   Like a nicer Chris Brown, and younger Usher, a hipper Sisqo.   (Sorry boys, it's true).   Look at him.   LISTEN to him!

I really liked Super Star... like I want to get my friends who spin in clubs to remix it and blow it up...

I had to creep on him just a bit (ok, ok, a lot... you know me better than that) and found his naturally I am including it here for you to read and get a better idea of who he is and what he is all about.
Born and raised on December 22 1986 in Los Angeles, California was Damian “Promise” Eskridge. An uprising R&B sensation with years of entertainment experience sharing his story with the world through music. “Promise” began into the music industry by becoming an hot producer for several artists but as time began to pass, there was an yearning for something bigger than just beats. Proven to be very versatile, Damian’s career began as an audio engineer ten years ago and transitioning into an well known writer to now currently gracing us with his smooth vocal sounds of R&B. “I developed a lot of my R&B flows by listening to my favorite group Dru Hill and my favorite solo singer Tyrese. When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Dwele, Musiq Soulchild, Maxwell, Jagged Edge, KC & JoJo, and my favorite rap entertainer Mystikal.” 
“Promise” mixed with Brazilian & Hispanic & African American has been swooning ladies all across the world from hot singles such as “Don’t Stop” & “Lost In Your Mind”. This just to name a few for the many hits he has recorded. Since coming into the music industry, this talented trending artist has already collaborated beats with world reknown producers such as: Scarecrow Beatz, Johnny Juliano, Super Star O, and O’brian. “They are great musicians and I will continue to have them be a part of my music” says Promise. Damian Eskridge can be seen promoting his upcoming mixtape at various locations in Houston, Texas to Dallas/Fort Worth and abroad. Some recent performances has been at: Sumatra Hookah Lounge, Shadow Bar and more. 
“I have been told by many to make something different and make real R&B music. So I took what they said and I'm applying it to my upcoming album. I'm bringing the old school back to light with a lot of my own flava. I think my lead single is going to be "Lost in your mind" then "It's all on me" .I'm going to have some great features on my album but I can't say just yet lol. When my album drops you can get it online at iTunes cdbaby and many more to name.

You can listen to all of his music via this link:

You can also start following him on twitter and friend him on facebook and listen to him on soundcloud.

Go ahead and thank me later- you know I always do my best to pass along the good ones for your aural pleasure.   Just remember when he blows up that you found him because of me... and that's all the thanks I really need or want.
Oh... and because I'm just that awesomesauce:

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