Dec 14, 2012

Kibitz Room - Happy Birthday DJ Morty Coyle

Live music.   There is nothing like it.   It can be extremely awful or amazingly great- but even at its worst live music does something for your soul that a recording cannot possibly accomplish.   I think really it all comes down to eye contact and human interaction (which is why, if you follow me on twitter you have heard me complain previously about not being able to wear mirrored aviators everywhere in life- seriously, they keep the weirdos away!).

So.   Why am I telling you all of this?   Well, I have a new spot.   And I have an intense desire to share it with is many people as are willing to check it out.   It may not be the coolest up and coming place in Hollywood, in fact I bet most of the people who go would prefer it NOT be like those other spots.   But I walked in last week for the first time and literally fell in love with it.   If I were Norm, this would be my Cheers.   This all started from a weekly twitter party I take part in (#SMTA) every Sunday night (for more info-   Granted, I don't have a TV so my participation in this weekly event is limited but one of the commentators is DJ Morty Coyle.   He tends to say the things I wish I had thought of.   Also, he is probably the most entertaining human I have ever seen perform live music ever.   Yeah.   I said it.   And I've seen Mick Jagger perform live.   I'm not kissing ass here, I really love his energy, his ability to read a room and adjust the vibe of what he is singing to match or enhance it... I'll get into that in a bit.   Anyway, he celebrated his birthday party this past Tuesday and that was my second visit to what I now fondly refer to as my musical home... Kibitz Room.   You know it, I swear, even if you've never been you know of it... it's connected to Canter's on Fairfax.   It's awesome.  I love it and will be there as many Tuesdays as I can- which works out because these guys perform live every Tuesday.

In fact, you can come see The F.O.C.K.R.S. yourself and feel free to reach out to them on facebook as well- Tuesdays with the FOCKRS If you're extra sweet you can even request songs from them via the link and maybe get to see your request performed live... and maybe maybe even get to sing live with them as they perform your request as well.

I took some video from the night- it's not my best work and frankly you really just need to see it for yourself live to understand it- but have at it, and enjoy.

So in this first video we have DJ Morty Coyle himself (yes, he does scare the pants off me in the middle, I almost dropped the camera but then I was laughing so hard it didn't matter). We also have Malik Pointer (vocals), Yogi Lonich (guitar), J.J. Blair (vocals, tambourine), Paul Ill (bass), Owen Barry (guitar), Matt Tecu (drums), Jordan Summers (piano), Brad Watson (organ) and Alex Laborwit (percussion) on Suffragette City.   I would like to add that Malik is so talented he barely sings a word and you can feel the musical talent floating off his persona... the magic this duo creates when they sing together...omg j'adore mes amores.

I just really enjoyed watching the band jam together... grabbed a short segment of the instrumentals to share with you all.... J.J. Blair (guitar), Paul Ill (bass), Owen Barry (guitar), Matt Tecu (drums), Jordan Summers (piano), Brad Watson (organ), Alex Laborwit (percussion), Damian Kaner (vocals) and Pricilla Yolanda (vocals) on an instrumental jam in between several medleys.

Finally, the birthday boy gets on the keys and plays a bit in his birthday suit, yes actual suit that we inscribed for his birthday.   Yup- I know, I think it's genius too and yes, I may or may not already be planning on finding one of my own for my upcoming trois grands zero in June.   
J.J. Blair (guitar), Dave Jenkins (bass), Dan Rothchild (vocals), Leslie Van Trease (drums), Alex Laborwit (percussion), Brad Watson (organ) and Fuzzbee Morse (flute) on Stuck in the Middle with You.

Well... I could stop here and let you either man up and check the place out next Tuesday or not, whatever floats your boat... but instead I am going to keep talking so batten down the hatches. There is more to the night, and I intend on sharing it.   Halfway through the night Morty runs up to me and my friend in the middle of a song and says "Quick, name artists".

Bruh.   In moments like that I am neither quick nor culturally refined.   
All I could think was "Bon Jovi" so that's what I blurted out.   
Then I realized he meant he wanted numerous artists, ideas to dictate a set list for his songs so I hopped on twitter while he was singing and sent him this list:
Chris Isaac, Elton John, a-Ha, Rolling Stones and Morrisey.

Son of a star ship he fucking hit every single one I named except the Stones (and I forgive him because he did a fantastic Bon Jovi cover of Living on a Prayer.   He never stopped singing either, just glanced at his phone and segued into the next one...

But wait. There's more.
Of course my inner trouble maker started to take hold of me and I sent him a follow up list...thinking there was no way he could possibly mix the random grouping of songs together:
Steve Miller Band, Eddie Vedder, Herman's Hermits or the Monkees.

You already know.   Guess who closed out the night singing David Cassidy "C'mon Get Happy"...

My challenge for this coming Tuesday (because of these never ending holidays I have no idea if the show will go on so maybe the first Tuesday after New Years) is to 
A) get the nerve to sing onstage myself (I cover the entire Rock Band set list in my shower, how hard could this be right?) and 
B) create such a phenomenal set list for Mr. C and the FOCKRS that people are blown away by my musical genius.   

It is far more likely I will accomplish A than B  because while I know most of the songs these guys play, I also am that annoying punk bumping my bass everywhere I go when I drive around.   By which I mean that my musical choices are dictated by my mood and can range from highly elitist to downright underground, depending on the moment.... anyway, this is my dare to you: If you say you like live music (and I hear that claim being made day in and day out) and you still always bitch that there's no good stuff to be found in LA, stop whining and come through.   If you still hate it after you give it a fair shot, I'll buy you a beer.   Once.   

Happy birthday Mr. Coyle.   Thank you to all of the musicians and people involved in making this night a blast.   It's possible I enjoyed this one more than you did.   

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