Nov 28, 2012

The Sayers Club - Charles 11.27.12

Sayers.   I have been MIA the last few months and as a result missed out on the delightfully fantastic vocal acrobatics of the absolutely wondrous Charles.   Out with my partner in crime tonight in Hollywood, we decided to hit up one of my favorite locations and why am I not at all surprised that it was as mind blowing as ever.

There were amazing performances, and I wish I had the ability to both rock out completely and hold the camera to record, but since I cannot and frankly the latter is much less enjoyable for me when I am getting treated to live music, the only performance I can share from tonight is the one you are about to watch... the video in no way does justice to the sweet vocals that this gentle giant belted out at the crowd. The entire room collectively reacted as he sang the first notes and as he continued, we all stared transfixed and swayed along to the soulful sounds tantalizing our ears and stimulating our remaining senses.   As my best friend commented to me after "I feel like I just went to church".   Now, I'm Jewish so I cannot actually relate having never been to church myself- HOWEVER - if I were going to be saved I think this is how I would want it to go down.

Watch and learn kids- real music comes from that place deep down inside your soul and if you are lucky enough to find a way to share it, you will be forever blessed.   Charles.   I look forward to watching many more performances from you.   Thank you again for capping off another super special night.

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