Aug 26, 2012

ChaniSays T-shirts are finally here!

I cannot believe how a small idea that began as a personal project for myself has exploded into such a fun creative outlet.   A year ago I started playing with apps and pictures and created a bunch of graphics that I really liked.   I was enamored with a few of them in particular and thought jokingly that I would totally wear these images on t-shirts and would buy them if I saw them in a store.   Partially just to be funny, I printed up a few samples a short time ago and started wearing the designs out.   I was not prepared for the fantastic response I received from friends and total strangers.

People stop me and ask where I got the shirts.   It is an amazing feeling knowing that my little idea has made a splash and is getting creative attention.   Because of the requests I started getting, I have made them available to everyone now- and will continue working on this new project, adding new images as I create them. If you have a specific request regarding a t-shirt please let me know, there are a lot of options available and I will do my best to get you exactly what you want!

 Check it out:
ChaniSays Merchandise

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