Aug 5, 2012

Capital Cities Live @ Sayers 8.4.12

I've seen Capital Cities live before but last night was a hectic whirlwind of events and I had a great chance to catch them again live at Sayers.   They have such a fun energy and put on a very enjoyable live performance, which as you know is the key to my heart.  Having a perfect studio album is one thing, killing it with a mic and a live audience is a whole other animal and I greatly respect anyone who can pull it off.  I only recorded two short snippets because I was too busy dancing and having a blast, but here they are for you:
First up- love covers! These boys did a great cover of Nothing Compares to You (trumpet player was awesome all night- he kept popping up at various spots around the venue, give him extra credit for that!)

I apologize, it might be the fact that it's 9am and I haven't gone to sleep yet but I am completely blanking on the name of this second song- feel free to let me know in the comments and I will edit, but here ya go:
NY- catch them before they bounce off on tour- check the tour dates below
Capital Cities image

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