Jul 3, 2012

Ruby Eyes - Chance City (music video)

Ah twitter- that amazing connector between all people, places and things.   Once again the twitterverse has randomly dropped music in my lap- and thankfully it's music I actually like!   Check out these boys- Ruby Eyes On Twitter: @Rubyeyesmusic and on Facebook.  

I was doing that thing where I stay up all night browsing music and stumbled across the music video for their song 'Chance City'.   Um- love.   Just like their sound and look- and as I tweeted last night, it doesn't hurt that the lead singer looks like a modern day Elvis.   I mean, it doesn't hurt me!   Listen to them and let me know what you think!

Seriously though, I really enjoyed their energy and the vibe they put out with their music.   Definitely looking forward to catching them live one of these days...

In Summer 2011,
Yutaka Sao was looking for a new lead singer and second guitar player for one of his projects. Through this process, he met Tim Johnson & Nikolaj Bang.Unfortunately, Yutaka could not work together with them on that particular project. However, he still had a lot of interest in working with these two guys in the future.

After 6 months Yutaka started his own project in which he would also be able to work as a producer and leader for the band.
At first he tried asking Nikolaj to start this new project with him.
Nikolaj agreed and they started working on demos for their debut EP.
Yutaka had already decided that he wanted Chris Dunn as their drummer.
Chris was working with Yutaka for another project. Yutaka let him check the demos and immediately Chris made up his mind to join the band.

When Yutaka, Nikolaj & Chris moved to the studio for the pre-production, Tim found their advertisement for a lead singer.
Noticing this was Yutaka's new project through the content, he signed up for the audition. When they jammed with Tim at the studio, they all felt Tim was perfect for the job. Tim also felt the chemistry between them and so they got a final piece in their music.

Only a couple of months has passed since they got together,
and Ruby Eyes has already finished the recording for their debut EP.

According to Yutaka "This project has a more organic style than modern music. I mean, you can hear more computer technology in modern music than "artist-self" nowadays. It's music, but I feel it seems people forget how to make music because of it. Originally I wrote the songs for this project, but basically I let the rest of the band do whatever they wanted to do with the songs. I thought that would be much more important to do for this debut EP. Yeah, because that's going to be our own sound"

Currently they are preparing for releasing their debut EP in June, 2012.
Also, spending time rehearsing for their upcoming shows.

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