Jul 7, 2012

Niantic @ Amplyfi

Back story: As an avid twitter addict I tend to connect with random people who tweet things that crack me up- usually the sarcastic, ironic sort of tweets that leave you blushing a tiny bit inside.   A short while back I started following @scarlipop and subsequently through her, I encountered Ryan- lead singer of Niantic and possibly the first real fan of my blog (that I know of, who isn't related to me and/or is a childhood friend).   How do I know that he is a fan?   Well, simply put- I received possibly the coolest email ever telling me so- and inviting me to a show his band was doing at a super underground, very awesome spot called Amplyfi.   The location is a very cool one and if you are into underground music in any way I highly suggest you take the time to check it out (don't be lazy here- I even included the link for you here so you can get all the info about this place)

Fast forward to tonight- I drove down Melrose looking for this super secret location (dude- there is literally an alley, and a green door- just like it says on the website).    Trust me when I say- this spot is going to be a place I frequent, if only to get the opportunity to listen to the most eclectic assortment of live music ever.   Very down with this place and if you are into this sort of thing, you should definitely check it out.

So- Niantic.   That is the name of Ryan's band- and before I go into details, here are all the links:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/thisisniantic
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thisisniantic
Website - http://www.thisisniantic.com/

Before I went, I checked out the band's website and listened to some of their stuff.   I have to admit, I was intrigued- between the hilarious tweets and the music I definitely wanted to meet the guy behind it all.   Such a pleasant surprise!   Not only is Ryan super easy going and laid back, but he and the other members of the band are really nice and I truly enjoyed meeting them all- Chris, Michael and Alex. (And I have to mention their friends who were also very fun to talk to and super supportive!).   I was able to record the last song (which according to Ryan was not his favorite from what they performed tonight, but I was busy listening earlier so this is the only one I caught in full...) You can check it out here:

I kinda really dig these boys- they are different, casually cool and obviously passionate about their music.   It's not your generic sugary sweet pop confection, and it's off the beaten path of rock- but there is something really direct about the lyrics in the songs and I actually enjoyed leaving their soundcloud on tonight while I wrote this post, just chilling to their music.   Below is a link to their soundcloud and I also copied their 'About Us' from their website just because I think their story is interesting...and their sound is kind of unique in an over saturated market where every kid with a garage band is putting out their music.   Definitely looking forward to seeing them perform again and who knows- you might even become fans too.   If that happens, then I guess I'll be seeing you at some of their shows!   Thanks again boys- it was worth coming out for and I appreciated the invitation!
Soundcloud - 


For fans of Wilco, Destroyer, Television
Chris McCartt; drums
Michael Castro; bass, keyboard
Alex Stensel; lead guitar, bass
Ryan Trask; vocals, guitar, bass
A city full of transplants, and yet all four members of Niantic are from the Los Angeles area. We grew up right here, in the thick of it, watching people and ideas and flavors of the month come and go.
So we transplanted styles. A vision, a sonic architecture, a diversity of borrowing, from all periods and approaches to great music. Different approaches to technical mastery — or sometimes lack thereof. A relentless focus on arranging, musicianship, and performance. 
Every song tells a story, has words and melodies to get lost in. On stage you won’t want to look away. On record hopefully it’ll be like anything good you put on — you’ll call your friends in from the other room and say “you’ve gotta hear this”. 
What does the name mean?? It’s an Indian tribe from Connecticut. Ryan found it on a street sign in San Diego and it’s a pretty name. You can pronounce it with a hard I if you want to. We’re probably concentrating on not sucking and not correcting your language. 
But if you do find yourself intrigued, bring your friends, come see us live.


  1. I read this post with great zeal. I've never heard if the club or band before. Thanks for bringing them up. Cool.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! If you're in LA you should definitely check them both out :)