Jul 23, 2012

Modern English and The Fixx @ Pershing Square 7.21.12

Last night was by far one of the most interestingly awesome nights I've had in a while- and I have had my share of nights out here in LA.   I think the fact that I was not at a club and in a totally different sort of venue was a huge factor, but let me not get ahead of myself... Los Angeles is a rocking city for many reasons- one of which is that it holds free concerts in Pershing Square over the summer.   I cannot even take the credit for knowing this, since I had no idea until someone informed me.   I think that is awesome and absolutely plan on attending again.   A lot.
So, back to last night- Modern English and the Fixx performed.   It's OK if you don't know who they are yet- trust me you know at least one of the songs I am about to let you watch below.   Actually- if anyone reading this has never heard of ANY of the songs I am about to post, I would love it if you would comment and let me know!

We were running a bit late getting downtown, but weren't really stressing because we knew that as long as we made it for the last song that Modern English (they opened) performed, we would be cool- which is EXACTLY how it worked out!   As we settled into chairs and started acclimating to the randomest crowd I have ever seen, ever (and dude, I hang out on Hollywood Blvd sometimes, they got NOTHING on these cats!) I hear the opening notes of a song that I have loved pretty much since I was a kid.   I have no idea why this song was so formulative (is that a word?) for me, but it was.   It brings back memories, makes me feel like I am in a John Hughes movie (I always wanted to be the one kissing Jake in Sixteen Candles.   Don;t judge me.).   It's called 'I Melt With You' and can you just watch it now because I swear you have heard it....As Robbie Grey (lead singer) said before they started playing I Melt With You- "OK, I know we're not getting out of here without playing this for you tonight...".
So.   Not to be a downer- but musically, that was the climax of the evening.   As someone put it- it's like getting your dessert before the meal.   I mean, of all the songs played, it was the one that performed the best in the 80's when it came out...BUT as we discussed over the course of the evening...because the Fixx had multiple moderately successful songs, they were the main act instead of Modern English, who really only had one giant huge hit.   

Don't be discouraged though!   Not only did the Fixx play fun songs (hang on, hang on, I'm getting to them) but the CROWD was phenomenal.   Apart from the fact that I truly felt I had invaded a respectable amount of the attendees living room/bed room uninvited, it seemed as though every single person who showed up had some sort of weird story and or possibly thyroid disorder.   Or was drunk and/or homeless. 
I am going to start with the twitchy barefoot yoga-esque looking lady who kept wandering to her 'seat' and then tossing her bag, sweater and a few other unknown items into different areas around her vicinity...and might I mention the tiny little KITTEN on a leash that she was either holding in her arms or that was trailing her on a leash that she kept on her ankle (The lady's ankle, the other end was where you would expect a leash to be on a kitten).   She was fun,
Then there was the old guy with the backpack (on both shoulders) who mimed receiving pleasure around his groinal area while making what I can only classify as the MOST uncomfortably ugly/awful/unpleasured faces I have ever seen.   Ever.   And while we joked about that maybe being the closest he'd ever get to experiencing anything remotely like that- he meandered up to a 300lb woman and starting booty dancing with her.   Shows me how little I know!
Ok, I don't need to keep telling you about the crowd (OMG I want to though- seriously, if you really want to hear it shoot me an email, I will tell you, it was pretty epic).   However, I do need to write up the Fixx already- they performed a bunch of songs, I taped the ones that seemed to get everyone moving and shaking  the most (except this first one which I just really liked):
In order- Anyone Else, Take a Risk and.... One Thing Leads to Another.   (Really. you have never heard ANY of these?   Who are you- what could you possibly be reading this blog for???)  
I need to write one more thing- the lead singer is possibly the most realistic caricature of an aging English rockstar I have ever seen ever.   And I saw Mick Jagger, live.   This guy was both theatrically enchanting and completely apathetic at the same time- I finally figured out that he has simply performed these songs SO many times that the extravagant gestures and rises and falls of the song are rote to him, he does it on autopilot.   And he naturally had to make some statements about government and occupy LA and the "concrete monoliths rising above us" (dude, we're downtown, of course there are concrete monoliths.   Get booked in a theater and instead you'll have velvet curtains and thousand watt lights, what can I say?)   I sound really mean but I actually had an absolute blast and loved every second of the show.   I danced, I sang, I people watched- and you can bet your bottom I am going to go back again for the next one.

http://www.laparks.org/pershingsquare/ <~~~~ Free concerts- why aren't you attending???? Get on that! I missed Berlin, but August 4th it's the Bangles... DUDE!   You know I'm so there!

I'd like to give a special thanks to my tour guide and snack provider de reiguer who not only hooked it up with M&M's and Raisinets, but also managed to provide a Lemonade Vitamin Water and a blue Monster Energy.   Hit it outta the park.   Thank you muchly.

As it happens, Pershing Square has a facebook page... and just posted a MUCH better video of I Melt With You- so I have included it just because my version was, ah well, shakey.  

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