Jul 20, 2012

Johnny Cerisano - Final Prayer

I love it when I get a follow-up comment on something I wrote about a long time ago... and then it reintroduces me to the post all over again and I can remember why I wrote about it to begin with.

I just got a comment on my post about boy wonder Johnny Cerisano and it includes a link to his soundcloud! Awesome- I cannot wait for the day when this kid is part of some epic group or a household name.

So please check out his new song "Final Prayers" on soundcloud (it might not be that new but it's new to me) and come November remember to keep your eyes on him...here's the comment:

Johnny is now 16, and this is his latest. Expect a new album in November. Thanks.


Take a minute to go through the rest of his uploads- he is fantastic and I really would love to hear from him when his album drops!
(check out the original post here if you'd like - Johnny Cerisano Guitar Genius

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