Jul 17, 2012

Jaxon Smith - Kid Drummer

Kids seem to be getting more accomplished at younger ages these days.   Maybe it is a direct result of the media access we have- that these kids already were so super talented so young and they just had no good venues for exposure.   Whatever the reason, here is a seven year old super talented kid drumming 'Pretender' from the Foo Fighters...

Jaxon Smith was born weighing 1 lb, and his story sounds so similar to another little super drummer I know! My nephew was also born after a difficult pregnancy and like Jaxon, when he was a little kid he used to grab anything remotely resembling drumsticks and bang away.   He has phenomenal timing too, although he is younger than Jaxon.... and for both of these kids I say this- utilize the talent, get them in lessons so they learn skills and can make it a professional career should they so desire.   Big ups to all the child prodigies out there!

The Huffington post published a more detailed article about Jaxon...

Jaxon Smith is an adorable six year old with one unbelievable talent. The little drummer is pretty much ready to join the Foo Fighters, if the above video of him rocking along to their song "Pretender" is to any indication.
According to the video's description, Jaxon was born in 2005 and weighed just one pound. He's grown up to be quite a rocker, performing songs by Rush, The Who, Heart (yep, "Barracuda"), the Silversun Pickups, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and more. For more of Jackson's amazing drumming, head over to the profile of YouTube user U2RUSHFAN.
Even more incredible? Jackson is described as self-taught. In his most recent video (featuring an upgraded, digital drum kit), Jackson drums along to The Who's "The Real Me."
Our favorite part of Jaxon's "Pretender" performance comes around 3:23, when he jumps back at the kid-size drum set after the bridge. All things considered, he looks pretty calm.

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