Jul 3, 2012

Chris Brown - All Back

I tend to get fixated on certain songs and replay them over and over until I can figure out what it is that draws me in.   Sometimes I never quite figure it out... which seems to be the case with this song.   'All Back' is a great ballad, with rock riffs and is the perfect key for me to sing at the top of my lungs in the shower (sorry neighbors).   One day when I lose my stage fright I might actually sing it for someone but until that day comes (really, it probably won't, let's be honest here) you will just have to be satisfied with this live version he performed.   I chose the live version because the recorded ones are beautiful, haunting, epic... but studio effects n all that- I like it live and raw.   Say what you will about the boy (blonde hair hunni! please no, I adore your singing but the hair man).   Whatever your feelings- boy can sing and perform the heck out of a song... and have you watched him dance?!?

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