Jul 16, 2012

Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones - The Who

As a career insomniac I have spent an epic amount of hours watching mindless entertainment online.   Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, MegaUpload... try me, I've used them all.   I am also blessed with the unique inability to stop watching something once I start- so even if it is the cheesiest, dumbest most campy movie in existence I must absolutely watch it until the end.   I'm talking foreign with subtitles and no plot whatsoever, just villagers and a stranger and some jungle type movies.  

So when I started trying to help myself stop losing hours of my life, even if I couldn't sleep, I cancelled Netflix, and got rid of my tv and decided I was only allowed to watch free online content.   That essentially limits me to Youtube, Crackle and Hulu (in terms of reliability anyway).   Now I am faced with a new issue- Hulu has started adding all of these FANTASTIC documentaries about musicians.   I have already watched films covering Elvis, the Beatles, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Queen (Freddie Mercury), Kelly Rowland, the Spice Girls (stop laughing, I am a product of the 90's), and a random documentary about the guy who invented DHL (actually supremely interesting).

My queue is a list of who's who is rock and roll and music history and I literally jump into comfy clothes whenever I get a chunk of time to sit and watch whatever comes up next.   I have so many great artists lined up, if this was a concert I'd have already wet myself out of sheer excitement.  

I decided to write about it here because A) it covers my favorite topic- music and B) I just watched one about the Who and I am over the moon happy.   It's called "Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones" and basically any song of their's that you have ever loved gets played in some way or another.   You really learn a lot about what went into some of the most classic songs when you get to see someone like Eddie Vedder strum a guitar and describe how Pete Townshend would play with riffs and then you watch Roger Daltrey singing in the studio... here is the Hulu description:
Spanning four decades, this authorized and definitive anthology of The Who relives their journey from humble beginnings to their meteoric rise to rock legend status in a 3-film DVD set. Filled with all-new interviews with band members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend and music icons, Sting, The Edge of U2, Eddie Vedder and more, this must-have collection also features electrifying rare and unreleased concert footage in mind-blowing 5.1 surround sound. David Wild, a contributing editor of Rolling Stone says it's "brilliant...an exceptionally smart and intimate portrait." For music that spoke to generations of fans, and refused to be classified, the answer is -- and always will be -- The Who.
Anyway, you don't have to watch it yourself, although any self respecting Who fan totally would have already clicked the link below and started it.   I just feel like when I find something that touches me, specifically when it is music related, it is almost my job to pass it along.   I hope you enjoy it- and browse the rest of the docs they have- I know there's a Jimi Hendrix one coming up, something about the Clash...I might be sleep deprived but I'm getting an in depth musical education!

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