Jun 1, 2012

Samantha Ronson - School Night @ Bardot

The last time I saw Samantha Ronson do anything musical live, it was 2008 and she was spinning at Villa (yes, the now closed down place on Melrose that is reopening as something new eventually, hurray!).   That was a long time ago.   Since then she has come out with her own music- as in, she actually sings.   And I really like it.
I got to listen to "Chasing the Reds" a while back from a link she tweeted, and then I downloaded it and pretty much kept it on repeat in my car for a long time.   I didn't pay attention to the lyrics and was completely clueless as to what the song was about until this past Monday night when she performed it live for School Night at Bardot.   Dude- it's about driving (insert face palm here) Read the lyrics....and then because she is awesome- get the free download of Chasing the Reds here
Anyway, so I was super excited to see it live- and she performed a few other songs, two of which I really liked- the first I caught on video (and can I just say again, I know I tweeted this but really- how awesome is she?   I mean, I have the biggest freaking crush on her like you can't imagine- she essentially epitomizes the me I would be if I wasn't who I am.   Stop, wait and think about it... yeah.).   So here is the video of "Don't Want You" and you can link to it here to hear it on her website....because people were talking and it's hard to hear (sorry).

and then she performed my other favorite of the night- the funniest song I have heard in a while, I don't know why I like it so much... I guess the way she enunciates "Singing pop songs in the taxi" just gets me... and the title- it's called "Summer of Sam"

Anyway, it was a fun night- you can listen to her music and watch videos on her official site- http://www.samantharonson.com/music/

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  1. Thx for sharing. I dig her music & she's cute.