Jun 19, 2012

Neon Hymns Live @ Viper Room 6.18.12

The great thing about going out to see live music is stumbling onto new stuff that you didn't know about before.   That's the case with Neon Hymns... I went to see Davis Fetter perform and ended up discovering a whole new group to love!   These guys are Australian by way of LA and very very cool.   Like, super well dressed in that crazy effortless way that boys have started doing (I approve).   I also heartily approve of the slightly longer hair on top and the shaved sides haircut...it's like a modern twist on the pompadour...sort of.   If I were braver I'd rock the one side shaved haircut myself, however I am a total wuss on that front.

ANYWAY... so I recorded one of their songs "Who You Really Are" and have uploaded it for you to watch.    Neon Hymns- Who You Really Are

Honestly they sang one song after this one that gave me chills called 'Lose Your Lover' - Joseph,the lead singer snapped a guitar string and then went ahead and sang the song without playing guitar...It was a loud, deep song but he was very into it and super animated- very very moving and awesome and if I figure out what song it was I will update.  I wish I had recorded it but I was too into it to stop and take out my phone (apologies, it was kinda epic).
But I found a video of it for you to watch - not mine, but still worth watching!

I would suggest listening to the studio version too--- because it sounded more like this one than the video of them performing it-

 The 2nd guitarist (James) is super cute btw- like, if Danny Zuko in Grease was a real guy and in a band instead of the T-birds- that kind of cute.  Trouble maker in a rock band cute, pack of cigarettes rolled in your t-shirt sleeve... I'll shut up now.   Listen and love em, they are good.

Check out their website and links here- http://neonhymns.com/

***Special thank you to James for letting me know what the songs were called :) ***


  1. The song is called Who you really are. Thanks for the kind words. - James (the 2nd guitar player)

  2. As promised- updated :) Super happy I got to hear you guys play, any chance you can ID the other song? The one Joseph sang to but didn't play? I had to watch every video last night to try to figure it out but I fell asleep before I found it...

  3. It's called 'Run back to love..couldn't agree more - it's unreal!

  4. The other one is called Lose your lover - james