Jun 14, 2012

The Magician at Dim Mak 6.12.12

Tuesday was my birthday and after spending the previous night super low key (pizza and Swingers... plus congrats LA Kings on that win- not a hockey fan but glad for all my friends who are) I decided to do my own thing and see The Magician spin at Dim Mak... something I had planned on doing since I discovered he was playing a show in LA.   I was psyched that it was on my birthday, just felt like the right way to celebrate!   He didn't play Twist - my favorite happy song

But... he did totally rock it and it made my night!   I got to see random friends and meet a bunch of new cool people too, definitely worth it and awesome.   I was busy dancing but I did manage to take some video lol...

And here are the links so you can find him and listen to all of his stuff....

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