Jun 1, 2012

Driicky Graham @ Playhouse - Snapbacks and Tattoos

Who?   Yeah I wondered the same thing as this very fresh faced, energetic kid jumped up on the DJ booth at Playhouse and grabbed the mic.   Then he started his song, and I have to admit, I am kinda crushing on this one.   His name is Driicky Graham and you can read all about him here- someone else already wrote all about him so I don't have to, I can just redirect you :P
Or go to his fb http://www.facebook.com/pages/Driicky-Graham/211280925569698
or twitter http://twitter.com/#!/driickygraham
Check it out here...

So... I am at Playhouse in Hollywood and it's a very random and funny night- I notice this cute guy in a snap back (now that I know we no longer can just call them 'hats' I will come correct) and he's rocking a denim shirt which stood out a bit from the rest of the outfits everyone else was wearing...next thing I know he wanders up to the front and he's Driicky Graham- and he performs his song- Snap Backs and Tattoos.   And the place loves it.   And when I get home I watch the youtube video of it and now I love it too.   I mean- how cute is he?!? Look in the video below- he's like a TuPac and Chris Brown hybrid.   Yummy.

I will add this final thought- if snapbacks and tattoos become a real accepted thing- a lot of doormen and bouncers in Hollywood are going to be very aggravated because turning away the guys who wear hats is generally the most entertaining thing that happens to them all night.   (That and the shirts with no sleeves lol).
Have a great weekend- go listen to some music and dance!

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