Jun 19, 2012

Davis Fetter - Live @ the Viper Room

There is a lot of drama and theatrics in a town like Hollywood, naturally, so it seemed very fitting that tonight was the first time I went to the infamous/famous Viper Club in Hollywood.   If it had been just a random night, it wouldn't be nearly as exciting- but tonight was made even more special because I went to support an artist I actually believe in.   I've written about him before and this time I've got a lot of video to back it up so if after watching these videos you're still not sold... well you're a lost cause.   He did a great job and as usual when I hear his music I want to rock along... watch, listen, enjoy and for goodness sake check out his links because he's awesome!

About this last video- I goofed and thought it was over when in fact they ended spectacularly- my apologies to you guys because it was such a great finish and I spaced.   Hopefully the other four make up for it a tiny bit?

And finally- sign up for his mailing list because Davis sends out videos and invites and keeps his fans in the loop, which is always really appreciated... in his last blast he posted two new videos:

What started out as a fun and quick youtube project has now given me all kinds of ideas! The "Live from Le Garage" series is only gonna get better!

For now, check out these new videos:


Thank you so much for your support!


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