Jun 21, 2012

Cotton Candy Michael Jackson Dancer

I know, this isn't technically music- but it sort of is actually.  

I was browsing this website I recently discovered (www.liveleak.com - enter at your own risk, it is more addictive than twitter, facebook and youtube combined) and stumbled across what I might classify as the MOST entertaining video I have ever seen.   It's not just that it's about cotton candy (yum!) or that the dude is making cool shapes with it, or even that he's rocking out phenomenal Michael Jackson dance moves as he hands out the cotton candy.   No it is the total experience of all three- and the cool lighting, and the wisps of candy floating and the children jumping trying to grab it... I could really go on and on.  And now I am craving cotton candy...

Seriously, this guy needs his own tv show!   How fun would he have been as a contestant on America's Got Talent???? Even Howard Stern would have sent him to Vegas!
For some reason this cracked me up completely and I felt like I had to post it here- check it out.

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