Mar 16, 2012

Rocking Out at Sayers Club 3.15.12

Sayers Club is by far my most favorite place, specifically Thursdays.   Best night out in Hollywood.   As usual, the artists who performed killed it... I never record everything, because I really love to watch the performance and dance (hard to do that AND keep the camera steady) but I always try to snag a few songs to post.   There was a great cover of 'The Sultans of Swing' but being as I LOVE that song, I did not record it at all, and I'm sorry because in hindsight it would have been awesome to have done so...

I know I am extremely biased but my two favorite performers are always the two I record.   Every time.
My Edwards Scissorhands crush has grown exponentially- I adore him beyond words.   There is magic in the way he sings- and you can tell the music flows right from his soul into the mic through the sound system and into the crowd and to my ears.   So of course, I had to record him.  First up- gorgeous cover of 'The Cave' from Mumford and Sons.  I could cry I love how he sings this song.

Then the always incredible Maiya Sykes.   She did a kickass cover of 'Start Me Up' from the Rolling Stones.   Check out how great she sounds!   Also very cool, Jeremy Piven was in the house and he jammed on the drums for this song :)

Maiya also performed the beautiful and in my opinion Hollywood Party Ballad (new term I just made up but it seems apt) 'We Are Young'.   A few weeks ago LP performed this song as well and I loved it then, I love it now, just an inspiring song that reminds me how much it absolutely rocks to be young and living life.

And then the finale- I apologize- usually I make it a point to find out the song and artist being covered but I actually have no idea what this song is or if it's original or what- I just know I love his voice and performance and he did not disappoint!

And that, my darlings, was Sayers Club for this week.   Have a wonderful weekend, play music often and loud, and live your life- you only get one!

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