Mar 17, 2012

Now Accepting Music Submissions...

Happy St. Patrick's dolls!   Whatever you are doing today to celebrate, I am certain there will be music involved somehow which brings me to the point of this post.  

After having a great conversation with two very inspirational new friends last night, I am more determined to actually stay on top of this blog and post real content of live music and help get undiscovered talent out there.   If you, or someone you know, has ORIGINAL content that you would like me to watch, listen to, review and post- please send it my way and I will work my magic and put it out there for you.   I will of course accept covers as well but would rather try to stick to original stuff.    My preference at this point would be to get finished videos with great sound quality that I can easily post... but I'll work with you!   I am also more than happy to come record you myself and use that content as well.   Basically, I want to spread music and find new awesome stuff and if I can help someone out along the way then even better.

So- tell your friends and pass it on- you can email me directly:
And just because this song never gets old and is one of my favorites:

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