Mar 19, 2012

Nick Rosen - Violet

Nick Rosen.   Who?   Oh you haven't heard of him... so you think.   You actually probably have listened to music he has made and didn't even realize it.   I promise- read his bio and tell me I'm wrong:
Nick Rosen is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and band leader that resides in Los Angeles, CA. In 2002, Nick played a pivotal role in helping jazz legend Henry Grimes back onto the jazz scene after a 35 year absence. Nick has been featured in many major publications, including: the L.A. Times front page (twice), The Hollywood Reporter, Jazz Times, the L.A. Weekly, and Vanity Fair. He was music director of the famed Bardot Sessions at Bardot in Hollywood and regularly works with artists such as Bruno Mars, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray, Michel Gondry, Jon Brion, Gavin Degraw, Esthero and many, many more. Nick is now the music director at the Sayers Club, in Hollywood, where he has already done nights with Prince, Will I Am, Estelle, Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, and Common. Nick has worked for many artists as a musical director and is currently working with LP ( Nick is signed to Porter records as a solo artist and released his debut album "Into the Sky" in 2010 and will be releasing its follow up "Violet" in early 2012. Nick regularly works in the studio with producers such as Mike Elizondo, Trevor Lawrence Jr., Boy Reckless, Neff-U, and Jahi Sundance. Nick is also a active studio musician in LA and has recorded on numerous scores by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino such as the films Super 8, Star Trek, and Land of the Lost and TV shows LOST and fringe 
Yeah.   I thought so.    Now that you know who you are about to be amazed by, let me share his latest and greatest with you.

Today I was listening to some of the tracks from Nick's new album 'Violet' (available tomorrow! 3.20.2012).   It always amazes me when I can hear a new song once, and something about it is so magical that it becomes something you put on repeat and is your go to song.   I immediately felt that way about 'Hope She'll Be Happier with Him'.   Something about the vibe of the song made me feel really happy and at ease.   I sat back and closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.   Another one that really appealed to me was 'See You Again'.   It's a quietly hopeful song that is positive and melancholy at the same time.  
You can listen to these songs, and a few more, on Nick's website -

About the new album:
Multi-instrumentalist, song writer, singer, Nick Rosen takes his latest release “Violet” into a new direction of folk, soul, pop and jazz.  Each track is uniquely different yet there is a common thread of Rosen’s tasteful approach to song writing.  Melodic pop songs fall away into burning groves of modern day soul that intern blend into an intimate jazz trio. None of the tracks on the album have any editing and most songs were first or second takes.  “I really wanted to capture the moment and was less concerned with perfection, I wanted the emotion of me in the studio with the person or persons that I was doing the track with…” says Rosen. Additional musicians for this project included: Anthony Valadez, Sam Barsh, Paris Carney, Greg Garbowsy, Maiya Sykes, and Dexter Story. 

Basically, get comfy and prepare to be swept away by the smooth, sultry and easy going sounds you are about to experience.   Enjoy!

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