Mar 17, 2012

Homemadesoul - Heartbreak Hotel

I'd like to introduce you to the mellow smoothness of Homemadesoul.  

I received a link to his new single- Heartbreak Hotel and have had it on repeat for a good half hour.   This song is the perfect blend of rhythm and laid back soul... matches the rainy day outside and makes me feel all warm and good.   Almost like the feeling you get when you have a warm mug of coffee and cozy socks on a chilly day.   Enough descriptives- have a listen and check out his links.

You can listen to the album here: Inspired By A True Story
Now that you've listened, check out the bio-

"Let's go back to the golden days…",lyrics from one of Homemadesoul's signature original tunes, takes you back to a time where music was felt, deep from within.

His own music is a refreshing sound of classic soul/r&b, and modern jazz. His performance is a rare glimpse at classic showmanship, and an intimacy that demands the attention of the audience. His voice grabs you and holds you close, never letting you go, even after the last note is played.

Once an active duty Airman in the U.S. Air Force, Homemadesoul has begun to lay his footprint in the Florida Emerald Coast, performing musical works from the great soul artists that influence him, namely, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Ray Charles. Since leaving the military, Homemadesoul has traveled the world, performing in Iraq, Guatemala, Kuwait, and Japan…spreading the love from within. 

Dec 2011, he was nominated for 4 Beachcomber Awards, the local publication that covers the Emerald Coast music scene. And with these nominations comes the release of a new EP, "Inspired By A True Story Vol. 1". This is the first installment in an ongoing quest to tell true stories of everyday life, as they are experienced, seen, and felt.

Come, listen, and feel his story.

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