Feb 12, 2012

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey - When You Believe (video)

I had to share one more memory, one more area of my life where Whitney Houston touched something that made a lasting impact on me, as she did on so many.

There was a Disney movie called 'The Prince of Egypt' that came out when I was younger.   I wasn't allowed to go to movie theaters, and we didn't have a tv in our home, so it was a little later in life that I finally got to see the movie.   I don't remember the movie much at all.   I remember this song- When You Believe - and I remember these two sensational voices sending chills through me, it was like they were singing right to me, telling me I could do anything, be anyone, that everything would be ok if I could just hang in there.   I wasn't going through anything specific that I needed to pull through at that point in time, but the song really helped me.   Yes, it became one of those 'shower songs' that I sang at the top of my lungs, in tune or not it didn't matter.

I included two links- the one to the actual music video for the song, which is musically exactly as I remember it...

And also a link to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston performing it live at the Oscars in 1999.   This version is better and conveys a lot more of what I felt when listening to the song.  By the way- this song won and Jennifer Lopez presented the award!

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  1. Thank you, Ms Whitney Houston. You'll always be in my heart. You're engraved in my heart forever. Rest in peace. rita ora music