Feb 26, 2012

Sayers Club - Rumer Willis, Sophie Simmons & Other Live Music 2.23.12

Wow.   Once again a fantastic night in the land of live music.   I wish the video had been clearer, there were a few performers and songs I just couldn't record because there was too much noise or I was too into it (LP I'm talking about you and your INSANELY good rendition of "Oh! Darling").

I am just going to post up all of the videos here instead of doing individual posts like I did last time.   I really missed out not recording LP, that cover was beyond anything I have heard in a while- like the first time I heard Wayne Newton sing Danke Schoen... something that is so very different from what you are expecting that it just blows your mind.   And with a mandolin!

I preface this entire post with a disclaimer about video/audio quality and shakiness.   I was in a different spot this time, and standing on a squishy couch in heels, so besides the usual shaking from dancing, I was balancing- and this time I had the special honor of having a few chatty chicas nearby who are clearly audible... My apologies.

So first up- Sophie Simmons...Fun and very cool performance with Vinnie.   I wish I had not stopped recording- thought the song was over when in fact it was not.   Sorry!

The queen diva herself, MAIYA SYKES killed it as usual (I wish I had a video of her covering Adele, which she has done before but I couldn't move the last time she did it, it affected me so much I couldn't do anything but watch and listen and forgot to record it!)

Then my favorite Edward Scissorhands/JohnMayer hybrid (I say that in the most platonically amazing way because I just wish I could have a soundtrack of him singing to me all day and night, that's how smooth his voice is, and the energy he brings to every performance- the crowd feeds off of it in the most phenomenal way) anyway- he sang not one but TWO songs--- J'adore mon amore! One of my favorite performers by far, every time, hands down.   I mean....see for yourself.

I know the first video is hard to see, I didn't realize the focus was screwy till I watched it later, but just close your eyes, he sounds AH-MAH-ZING!   Now check him out singing this song by the Killers = LOVE IT.

And then there was an awesome surprise- Miss Rumer Willis got up on stage and sang a great cover of Rumor Has It (lol, we get the joke).   She was really good!   I know the girls are chattering a lot at this point, but the whole room was into it, and she sounded fantastic!   The blonde girl standing just beyond her in the video is actually Heather Morris (yes, from Glee) cheering her friend on.

All in all, a great night musically and very enjoyable.

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