Feb 5, 2012

Madonna SuperBowl Halftime Show feat. LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and CeeLo Green

So how did everyone like the halftime show this year?   In my personal opinion, although Madonna looks great, it was slightly underwhelming.   I guess nothing has really been fun since the whole Janet Jackson incident.   I can't believe she sang Like A Prayer either- that was my go to jam in high school when I used to go to karaoke with my friends- I have it on tape!   It's not the show wasn't well done, it was- the visual effects were spectcular by the way.   But it was just... I mean after she danced with the boys from LMFAO it got a little boring.   It was cool that she did the 'Sexy and I Know It' dance... but it seemed a bit contrived and almost like she was trying a tiny bit too hard to be relevant.   The thing is, I can't actually come up with who I would have thought would have been better or what she could have done differently... so I guess as far as halftime shows go, it was alright (not the B.E.P. debacle that's for sure!)

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